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Jason McKinney

Jason is a native of Lancaster City. He is the co-founder of D.I.V.E. Before founding D.I.V.E., he worked as the Boy's Program Coordinator at Teen Haven, a division of Water Street Ministries, for ten years. Currently, Jason serves as a Lancaster City prison chaplin and minister at his home church, Activ8. He enjoys reading, sports, trying new restaurants with his wife, and going to parks with his daughter.

Nicole McKinney

Nicole is a native of Lancaster County. She is the other co-founder of D.I.V.E., and wife to Jason McKinney. Besides managing the organization alongside her husband, Nicole is also a Certified Public Accountant. Nicole has volunteered in numerous roles at Teen Haven encouraging young women to follow and live for Jesus. She also serves as a minister at her home church of Activ8. She enjoys reading, trying new restaurants with her husband, and playing games.

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