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Origin Story

D.I.V.E. was established in June of 2019, but it was birthed way before that. Its co-founder, Jason McKinney, has always had a passion of sharing how Jesus had changed his life with others. He desired to see that transformation happen in the lives of other men. He previously oversaw a men's transitional home from 2007-2009. From then, he worked for various nonprofits in the social services field ranging from caring for individuals with disabilities to the juvenile justice system. Serving in the social services field, Jason continued to see the brokeness of people and their need for a safe and peaceful home surrounded by accountability and support. Thus, the idea of a men's transitional home was spawned. Upon meeting his future-wife, Nicole McKinney, she shared his same passion of seeing hurting people transformed by Jesus and fulfilling their God-given purpose. After years of praying and planning, D.I.V.E. was born.

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